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sunset-consulting org.jpegWhat is Sunset Pet Solutions? 

This veterinary business consultancy was founded in late 2015 by leading end-of-life and euthanasia vet, Dr. Susan Gregersen, who's known in the UK as The Hospice Vet. Sunset Pet Solutions supports and assists vets and small animal veterinary practices in developing their end-of-life approach and protocols, so clients have the best possible goodbye and are left with happy memories of their pet. 


"I've developed these practical concepts during the 10 years I've practised this new, end-of-life speciality," says Susan. "They're aimed at helping vets in practice redefine and redesign their delivery of the highly-valued (and profitable), once-in-a-lifetime 'goodbye experience'. The idea is that clients learn to value the complete and outstanding personal service offered 'from womb to tomb' by their chosen - and trusted - vet practice. Not surprisingly, recent research has proved that it is this last consultation that makes or breaks a vet-client relationship. At the moment, about 20% don't come back with a new pet." 


This is an under-developed area of modern vet practice. By applying focused and experienced expert attention to technical, communication and business aspects at this last, or fourth, stage of life, a significant amount of untapped potential is yet to be explored and released. 



"To your client, the end of a life and euthanasia,  

is SO much more than  

just another routine "clinical procedure"… 


>85% of your pet patients will need this… 

(RVC Vet Compass Study, 2015)  



"A soft approach to hard results": 

The usual outcome of a considered and tailored solution to the terminal pet, or those with a life-limiting disease, is an astonishing and immediate result at the practice's bottom-line. It also helps the heartbroken client and empowers the often-challenged, unsupported vet team.  


"I designed, launched, marketed and operated my own pioneering, in-home, end-of-life service for more than 10 years. I saw a gap in the market for a specialised end-of-life service, and built it up from there. Combined with a solid business degree and a profound love of helping animals and people, I am well-equipped to offer expert and dedicated consultancy services to forward-thinking, independent practice owners. 


Sunset Pet Solutions collaborates with other expert vet leaders in their field to deliver a result that addresses the most important aspects of improving the end-of-life experience: for the pet, the client and the whole vet team. 

To really focus on noticeable and measurable results, we work closely over several months with just one or two vet practices.  


The practices I like to work with have identified and expressed a need and true desire to stand out from the crowd of the many large corporates. They want to set themselves apart by offering extraordinary, unique and valued services to their loyal clients but realise they are yet to reach their full potential." 


Susan Gregersen, MD & Founder, Sunset Pet Solutions 


We can help design, develop and market a unique and highly-valued, end-of-life service - giving you and your practice the competitive edge and advantage to: 

·         set your practice apart in a highly competitive, corporate market 

·         design and implement a tailored and profitable end-of-life policy matching your ambitions and interests 

·         establish the appropriate, tailored practical protocols for end-of-life services and home visits 

·         help your team with what to say and do (and what not) in difficult, highly charged, end-of-life situations 

·         charge and set the appropriate fees for home visits and end-of-life services 

·         cater for delicate clients and make them the returning, life-time value client rather than the pet (even after a euthanasia, where an average 20% defect to a new practice with their other or new pet) 

·         successfully take the "Toughest Call of All": telephone triage and detailed attention to end-of-life situations right from the start…making or breaking a new client starts right here. 

·         adopt the best euthanasia techniques with tried and tested pre-euthanasia sedation protocols and euthanasia techniques, to ensure a consistent client experience (both in the practice setting and on home visits) 

·         help clients with children and other pets feel supported and to know what to do for the best for their pets 

·         perform a stress-free and successful home euthanasia experience - for client, pet and (new/recent) vet 

·         offer respectful aftercare: the importance of handling, crematorium choice and presentation, and aid in memorialisation to owners 


If you like what you have read so far, do get in touch to discuss how we can tailor a result package specifically suited to your practice's unique expectations and service aspirations. We want to help you and your team deliver The Best Ever Goodbye - every single time. 


For more information about our result packages or to arrange an informal chat, please email me on 



"I'm delighted how well-received our unique service is among clients and local vets alike. I'm passionate about sharing my expertise and experiences with colleagues who, like me, want to help clients say goodbye in the comfort of their own home as well as improving end-of-life services at their practice. At the same time, it's our mission to build their confidence, creativity and control while performing this once-in-a-lifetime memory for a pet owner and helping them on this tough journey. 

20150321_202415.jpegAdopting compassionate end-of-life protocols and designing tailored 'goodbye packages' for different segments of the practice's client base works as a perfect and profitable complement to the otherwise wellness-based pet health services offered by normal vet practices. 


The idea is to put in place new protocols and services that help bridge the gap in professional, medical and emotional support between the time a pet is sent home with a terminal diagnosis, an incurable disease or develops challenging or unmanageable geriatric ailments, and the right time for euthanasia. There really is so much more we can do for both the owner and the pet. 


From listening to thousand of end-of-life stories from my clients (who come from most practices around Sussex) it is clear that the whole end-of-life journey is by far the most difficult an owner has to navigate - and almost impossible without our help and support. 


Clients often feel alone and abandoned when they first contact my end-of-life practice (unless they are referred to us). It is a true but also sad reflection of just how difficult it is for the vet team in busy local practices to offer adequate, compassionate and suitable services to meet their clients needs at the end of a pet's life. 


What we need to address involves a challenging mix of technical and emotional tools that we - as modern, extremely busy vets - have little time for and are often ill- prepared to juggle. We often stick our head in the sand instead and hope it will all go away and somehow be fine. 


With 1 in 5 clients (20%) not returning to the same practice with a new pet after a euthanasia, and with 99% of pet owners regarding their pet as full family members, isn't it about time we re-think our current 'clinical' approach and pay far more attention to the last "journey" and the delivery of this one last "procedure"? 


As both the pet's 'family doctor' and funeral director, we need to be better at making this whole experience match up with the pet owner's extremely strong bond to their furry family member, and their reasonable expectation for saying a final heart-breaking but peaceful and dignified goodbye. Sadly, the reality of what is actually offered today is often too far removed from what should be a beautiful, shared experience and a treasured lifelong memory. We can do so much better…  


Send me an email on to arrange an informal chat about how we can perhaps help you and your team. 



About Susan Gregersen, The Hospice Vet, DVM, MBA, MRCVS - Founder & MD of Sunset Pet Solutions. 

After seven years running her innovative GP mobile vet service, covering all of Sussex and dealing with a vast amount of end-of-life scenarios and home euthanasias, Susan found her true calling. 

In 2012, she chose to dedicate her mobile practice to the hugely rewarding specialism of in-home palliative medicine and end-of-life/hospice care, combined with peaceful two-step home euthanasia. 

As a hospice vet with a business degree (MBA 2013) Susan started Sunset Pet Solutions in 2015, supporting colleagues in normal veterinary practice to re-define and re-design the whole end-of-life experience for clients. 

The whole focus and philosophy of Animal Hospice is based on improving the end-of-life experience, which as a specialty is still in its infancy in the UK. Outside the United States, there is little representation and acknowledgement of this new veterinary field. It is currently unknown territory in the UK and normal, independent practices are unaware of how adopting certain aspects of this approach could vastly influence their overall performance and bottom-line results in an increasingly competitive market of big players. 

Susan is also the official UK representative of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC), the co-founder and current President of the British Mobile Veterinary Association (BMVA) and is the executive advisor and programme consultant on Compassion Understood ( 


See Susan's profile on LinkedIn 




"The end of a life - and euthanasia - is so much more 

than just another routine "clinical procedure"… 


≈ 85% of your patient's families want, need and are willing to pay so much more to have a beautiful experience! 


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